Saturday Sports: NAC soccer and cross country on the docket

Saturday Sports: NAC soccer and cross country on the docket

NORWOOD, N.Y. (WWNY) - Boys' and girls' soccer and boys' and girls' cross country were on tap Saturday in the Northern Athletic Conference.

We begin on the soccer field where Norwood Norfolk hosted Brushton Moira.

The Panthers' Luke Bowen fires a shot off the scrum, but misses just over the net.

The Flyers' Matt Simons with the shot on goal, George Webb makes the save.

Under 23 minutes left, Ryan Emlaw dents the back of the net on the penalty kick. Final score: 1-0 Norwood Norfolk.

In Boys' NAC Cross Country, Potsdam hosted Tupper Lake.

Potsdam took the top two spots, but Tupper Lake captured the next five finishes for its first win of the season, defeating Potsdam 25-30.

Potsdam’s Skye Crocker sprinted across the finish line first with a time of 17:11.8.

Teammate Finnegan Dean finished second, a minute and a half later.

Tupper Lake’s Carter Riley, Tyler LaPlante and Averill Amell rounded out the top five.

Potsdam also hosted Tupper Lake on the girls' side.

Potsdam runners claimed the first two spots, but Tupper Lake captured four of the next five positions in besting the Sandstoners.

Isabella Shatraw ran away from the rest of the field with a time of 19:20.5, five minutes faster than second-place teammate Abigail Hughes.

Tupper Lake’s Reagan Fritts, Olivia Ellis and Meika Nadeau rounded out the top five.

The Black River Valley Soccer Academy U-19 Girls' Soccer Team was in action at the Alex Duffy Fairgrounds Saturday night, hosting Northtowns out of Seneca Falls in the home opener of their New York State West Youth Soccer Association fall league.

Late in the 1st half, Black River Valley was on top 2-1 when Lyme’s Callie LaFontaine makes some nice moves and dents the back of the net, putting Black River Valley on top 3-1 at halftime.

Black River Valley Soccer Academy goes on to beat Northtowns by a final score of 5-3.

The Frontier League swim season opens for the Lowville Lady Red Raiders on Thursday, when they travel to South Lewis for their first meet of the year.

The Lady Red Raiders are looking to make the most of a shortened 2020 season.

The Lowville Girls' Swim Team is making the most of their shortened fall sports season with 19 swimmers on this years team. It’s a young group that only consists of 2 seniors.

Lady Red Raiders coach Noelle Haney says the strength of this year’s team is their cohesiveness both in and out of the pool.

“They support each other really, really well. They push each other hard in practice, they couldn’t wait to get things started like secret swimmer and Saturday morning doughnuts- things we do together as a team," said Coach Noelle Haney.

Haney says the shortened COVID-19 season has made her change the way she approaches practices along with the way she prepares her team for a season that will only consist of 4 meets.

“We’re trying to do a little different practice style then we’ve done in the past. We’re not working to accrue as much yardage, we’re trying to swim things really fast on shorter rest and today it looked like things are paying off for the most part so we have some more work to do," said Haney.

Another adjustment for the Lady Red Raiders has been the late start to the season.

On a normal year, Lowville would be midway through their season right now, but the condensed schedule has the Lady Red Raiders beginning their season October 22nd and ending on November 5th.

“Yeah, that’s pretty weird since usually I have swim during my birthday and this year I didn’t and also usually swim goes 'til right before basketball season so we usually swim into when it snows and we’ll be done by then probably," said Lowville senior Alexis Dekin.

With no league, sectional or state titles on the line in the pool, the swimmers may not have individual or team championships to shoot for, but still have goals they would like to achieve.

“My goal for the season is to try to get back to my personal best and hopefully I can achieve that, but we’ve had so limited practices this year, we started later, but hopefully I can get back to those goals and spend time with my friends and just enjoy the season," said junior Meredith Lovenduski.

The Lady Red Raiders diving head first into a unique and unusual 2020 swimming season.

You can watch highlights by clicking the picture above.

Saturday Sports Scores

Boys' NAC Soccer

  • Norwood Norfolk 1, Brushton Moira 0
  • Colton Pierrepont 3, Chateaugay 0
  • OFA 3, Salmon River 2
  • Canton 4, Malone 1

Girls' NAC Soccer

  • Brushton Moira 4, Tupper Lake 1
  • Canton 1, Malone 0

Boys' NAC Cross Country

  • Tupper Lake 25, Potsdam 30
  • Norwood Norfolk 15, Gouverneur 46
  • Canton 17, Brushton Moira 42
  • Canton 15, Clifton Fine 50
  • Clifton Fine 50, Brushton Moira 50
  • Malone 15, OFA 50
  • Malone 15, Salmon River 50
  • Salmon River 50, OFA 50

Girls' NAC Cross Country

  • Tupper Lake 15, Potsdam 50
  • Norwood Norfolk 22, Gouverneur 33
  • Malone 27, O.F.A. 28
  • Malone 15, Salmon River 50
  • O.F.A. 15, Salmon River 50
  • Canton 50, Clifton Fine 50
  • Canton 50, Brushton Moira 50
  • Clifton Fine 50, Brushton Moira 50

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