Sunday Sports: Potsdam native looking to make an NFL roster

Sunday Sports: Potsdam native looking to make an NFL roster

SAN ANTONIO, T.X. (WWNY) - Back in April, we told you the story of Potsdam native Shawn Clark and his quest to make an NFL roster.

Clark is still chasing his dream and is taking a big step toward that over the next month in the Lone Star State.

Shawn Clark is in San Antonio, Texas hoping to catch the eye of NFL scouts.

Clark is taking part in the Spring League, a professional football developmental league comprised of 6 teams that will play a 4 game schedule in a bubble, with all games taking place at the Alamodome.

Clark was drafted by the Blues and will be be playing for and with some recognizable names.

“My coach is Ted Cottrell and he’s a- He use to play- actually be a defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills actually, back in the 90′s. So that’s pretty cool. And all the coaches have some, you know, some NFL experience. Most all have NFL experience. My quarterback is gonna be Shea Patterson. He played at Michgan and we open up first game against J.T. Barrett from Ohio State. So you know, that’s kinda like a- They had a rivalry back in college," said Clark.

Clark, who had a tryout with the Indianpolis Colts, has been training all summer and says he is grateful to have an opportunity to get back on the football field and go up against some high level competition.

“Honestly, man, it’s just another opportunity. Like, I just, it’s another opportunity for me to go to work and to put everything I’ve done to the test, you know? And test myself and my ability, so you know, obviously I’m very excited and you know a little overwhelmed, you know, cause I get to play football again. But you know, at the end of the day, it’s a job and it’s just a- Like I said, I gotta go out and prove myself," said Clark.

The league website says 20 NFL teams have attended the Spring League in search of talent and 141 players have been signed out of the Spring League to NFL and CFL rosters.

Clark is hoping to add his name to that list.

“Like I said, it’s definitely been, you know, a long road just to get another opportunity to play football. Previously, I had a workout with the Colts and that was awesome to get my foot into the door. But you know, just another opportunity to strap up the pads and you can’t be more excited against some of the top free agents, guys that have already been in the league, been around it, so you know it’s just another opportunity to prove myself and show the world what I can do," said Clark.

Five games will be broadcast on Fox Sports One. Two of those games involving Clark’s team.

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