A sneak peak inside Watertown’s 1812 Brewing Company

WWNY A sneak peak inside Watertown’s 1812 Brewing Company

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Last week, we reported that Sackets Harbor Brewing Company was moving production operations to the old Ateri’s Bakery in Watertown. On Tuesday, we got a peak inside.

The Old Alteri’s Bakery ovens are still inside, but are now joined by brewery tanks of all shapes and sizes

1812 Brewing Company got unanimous approval from city leaders Monday night to continue moving all of its production operations to Watertown

“To eventually upgrade in size and scale the brewing capabilities as well, but to start off we are going to move that system here,” said owner Tom Scozzafava.

Those beer making systems will be joined by the bottling equipment the brewery bought from Empire Brewing Company, which can make about 4,000 bottles of beer an hour.

“Which will more than adequately handle our volume for the next several years. The larger brewing equipment will actually pair better with this,” said Scozzafava.

And the company will be making changes to the building to enhance its operations.

To even make it easier for trucks delivering supplies to the brewery, Scozzafava plans to turn grass into a driveway that will run off of South Bellow Avenue.

That driveway will run along the back of the building to the other side to allow trucks to park and unload.

In the front, they plan to expand the sidewalk to eventually add chairs and umbrellas for outdoor tastings.

“It really focuses in on the brewery as a business versus an adjunct to a restaurant business so, yea, it’s very exciting and it’s been 20 years in the making for the company,” he said.

Scozzafava says the brewery’s next steps are to look for a contractor to start making reenovations so they can get production up and running.

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