Lowville swim team gears up for shortened season

Lowville girls' swim team

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Lowville girls' swim team is making the most of their shortened fall sports season with 19 swimmers on this year’s team.

The young group has only two seniors.

Lady Red Raiders coach Noelle Haney say the strength of this year’s team is their cohesiveness both in and out of the pool.

She says the shortened COVID season has made her change the way she approaches practices along with the way she prepares her team for a season that will only consist of four meets.

You can hear from the coach in the video, along with senior swimmer Alexis Dekin and junior Meredith Lovenduski.

They talk about adjusting to a shortened season and their goals, despite not having league, sectional, or state titles to shoot for.

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