Doctor now offering neurosurgical services at Lewis County General Hospital

WWNY Doctor now offering neurosurgical services at Lewis County General Hospital

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Neurosurgical services are now available at Lewis County General Hospital.

Dr. Nicholas Qandah is the president and chief executive officer of Central New York Brain and Spine Neurosurgery.

He visits Lewis County General Hospital every Friday to evaluate dozens of patients, specifically for neck and back pain.

“I do complex deformity spine care, but bread and butter spine care and brain care is easy for me and so it is wonderful taking care of a community and taking care of everyone at the highest level,” said Dr. Qandah.

He says he gets many referrals from primary doctors in the north country to help give patients a second opinion.

When patients then come to see Dr. Qandah, he says many of them worry about having to get surgery.

“We see hundreds of patients a week. I offer surgery to less than 4 percent of those patients. So surgery is not the mainstay of treatment. Most of the time we keep you away from surgery,” he said.

Instead, Dr. Qandah says he provides physical therapy programs as well as the option for an injection to help alleviate symptoms

With the patients he does works with, Dr. Qandah says building a relationship is key but many people wait too long to call.

“If they get to us late, we can’t intervene at an earlier stage. So I always encourage them - if you’re having symptoms, you know, don’t wait. Give us a call, we will evaluate you,” he said.

Dr. Qandah is also holding virtual appointments during the pandemic. Reach out to Lewis County General Hospital for more information.

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