Democrats take lead in early voting in NNY

WWNY Democrats take lead in early voting in NNY

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Significantly more Democrats than Republicans voted early in the north country this past weekend.

In Jefferson County, 282 Democrats and 157 Republicans voted Saturday. 255 Democrats and 176 Republicans voted Sunday.

In St. Lawrence County, 266 Democrats and 86 Republicans voted Saturday. 210 Democrats and 94 Republicans voted Sunday.

Only in Lewis County, the most Republican county of the three, did Republicans cast more early votes - but the margin was not large.

Saturday, 105 Republicans voted, as did 100 Democrats. Sunday, 120 Republicans and 85 Democrats voted.

There were long lines of people waiting to vote in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties Saturday. In a sign of how important early voting has become, both candidates for the north country’s seat in congress urged supporters to vote early, during campaign stops in Watertown.

“Early vote in important; it is safe. You can vote in person. We need to get as many votes as possible,” Republican Elise Stefanik told a crowd of supporters during a rally Saturday morning.

“It’s cold out here and I’m not gonna make you stay too long, because you’ve all got to get to vote. Right?” Democrat Tedra Cobb told her supporters during a rally at Thompson Park Sunday. After the rally, a caravan of Cobb supporters made their way to the county building to vote.

Early voting continues this week through next Sunday.

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