Meet all 3 of Black River’s mayoral candidates

WWNY Meet all 3 of Black River’s mayoral candidates

BLACK RIVER, N.Y. (WWNY) - Black River may be a small village, but it’s gearing up for a big race as Election Day draws near.

Driving through Black River, you’ll see signs for not one, not two, but three candidates for village mayor.

Who are the faces behind the names?

Francis Dishaw has lived in Black River for 44 years, beginning his public service in 2005 as a village trustee and deputy mayor. He says he’s looking to see more businesses open up in the village and to vows to keep taxes low.

“I’m looking at trying to keep Black River more of a residential community like it always has been. I have pretty much a good background on how the village is run and what needs to be done,” he said.

Corey Decillis was appointed as mayor in June after the resignation of former mayor Lee Carpenter. Before that, Decilles was a trustee for 10 years. He says he’s looking to pursue water system upgrades.

“I think we’ve all worked well together, the trustees that are on the board and past trustees. I would like to continue and see what we can make happen for the village,” he said.

David Leonard is a small business owner looking to see more business growth in the village. He says one of his goals is to create more activities for children and seniors.

“I’ve raised my family here, I’ve had two homes built here, I also am a business partner in Black River, and I plan on staying here a very long time. I’m very transparent,” he said.

If you live in Black River, you can vote for one of the candidates through early voting at the Jefferson County Office Building. You can also vote through an absentee ballot or by going to the polls in person on November 3.

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