Woman who caught COVID at baptism says ‘a lot of mistakes’ were made

WWNY Woman who caught COVID at baptism says ‘a lot of mistakes’ were made

TOWN OF NEW BREMEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Lewis County woman, who was at the Croghan area church where a COVID-19 outbreak started, says a lot of mistakes were made that day.

Lisa Schamback was at the Apostolic Christian Church on October 11 where she says she caught the virus.

Schamback didn’t want to be interviewed, but welcomed 7 News to highlight her Facebook post, warning people about COVID-19.

Schamback was at the church for a baptism. Two days ago on Facebook, she wrote that the church was crowded, and even though everyone was wearing a mask, social distancing was impossible.

After the baptism, there was a greeting line for the man that was baptized. He shook everyone’s hand and gave hugs. Schamback said, “I was hesitant to shake his hand, but felt socially pressured to do it.”

She washed her hands with soap and water afterwards, but she said the damage had been done.

Schamback said a visiting minister flew in for the baptism, but to avoid quarantining, he flew into Pennsylvania and drove into the state.

Schamback is resting in bed because of a lasting cough and headache. Now she is warning people that the virus is real and “it spread like a wildfire that day.”

Schamback and her husband are both recovering, but she added that in hindsight, it was a big mistake to attend the baptism - something that she might always regret.

On Monday, Lewis County reported 42 cases of COVID-19 could be traced to the baptism.

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