Your Turn: feedback on COVID cluster, animal cruelty case & political ads

Updated: Oct. 26, 2020 at 10:20 AM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - “Uncontained.” That’s how Lewis County officials are describing the cluster of COVID-19 cases that can be traced back to a baptism earlier this month. Hundreds of people are now in quarantine:

This is why we should be wearing masks and social distancing.

Nora Frateschi Miller

Doesn’t seem like guidelines are working though does it?

Dean White

A video showing a man kicking a duct-taped dog across a room quickly went viral on Facebook. Now two men are facing animal cruelty charges:

So happy to see they were charged and even happier it went viral to make that happen!

Angela Marie

I hope they really pay for this crime and not just get a slap on the hand. That was an innocent animal. How cruel.

Sheri E Doroha

In the race for the 21st Congressional District, both candidates have put out TV advertisements which use news stories as their basis. However, some ads just don’t match the actual stories on which they’re based:

They’re both politicians. We don’t expect the truth from either side.

Todd W. Fleming

So you are saying politicians are full of crap. Like we didn’t already know that.

Tissy Martin

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