Love’s travel stop could be coming to area off Route 81

WWNY Love’s travel stop could be coming to area off Route 81

TOWN OF PAMELIA, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Love’s travel stop might be coming to the Watertown area. Love’s has a chain of stops all across America and they attract a lot of truckers. But there are several obstacles standing in the way before this becomes a reality.

The site of the proposed Love’s travel stop in the town of Pamelia. It’s on outer Bradley Street, off Interstate 81. Love’s has more than 500 locations all across America and they are popular in the trucking industry. It gives travelers the chance to fuel up, shop in the large convenience store, or even spend the night.

Jefferson County Senior Planner Andy Nevin says that the truck stop would be a boost for the local economy.

“With the sales tax and also just the jobs that are created and the investment in the community,” he said.

But there are hurdles to clear. The truck stop would be constructed less than a quarter mile from the interstate, bringing extra traffic to an already a busy intersection.

Love’s will need a state traffic study to make sure the entrances and exits are in safe places.

“We don’t want to have traffic queued up through an intersection waiting to turn left kind of a thing,” said Michael Flick, New York State Department of Transportation.

The other issue is water. Nevin says it isn’t available at the site yet.

He says one solution is use Watertown water and feed through a pipe owned by the Development Authority of the North Country.

But Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith has been hesitant about giving city water to customers outside city lines. this was Mayor “If you live in the town of Pamelia where there’s no town tax and you don’t have to pay the city tax, but now they have water and sewer, that’s a good incentive to go there,” Smith said last month.

Love’s plans are very preliminary and several planning boards will be looking over the possibility of adding a popular truck stop to the local economy.

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