Race for congress: what happens if we elect Tedra Cobb?

Updated: Oct. 29, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT
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(Editor’s note: This is the second of two stories. To read, see our report on what voters can expect if Elise Stefanik is re-elected, look here.)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - What would sending Tedra Cobb to Washington be like?

Judging from what Cobb has said, she strongly believes in the role of government to get things done.

Cobb is running to unseat Elise Stefanik, a three term Republican.

At stake: New York’s 21st congressional district, a sprawling district which takes in all of 10 north country counties - including Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence - and parts of two others.

When north country voters go to the polls next Tuesday - or vote early, or vote by mail - they’re basically deciding who to hire to represent us in Washington.

If elected, Cobb would be in the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives - and could end up being part of an all-Democrat government, if Joe Biden takes the presidency and Democrats manage to win back the senate.

From an interview with Cobb last Sunday, and a review of her remarks at the debate we held earlier this month, Cobb’s priorities include:

- Health care. Cobb said dealing with COVID is priority one, followed by increasing access to health care. She supports the Medicare public option, which lets people keep their private insurance or opt into Medicare.

“It is about competition and it is about lowering the cost, but it’s also about expanding” access to helth care, Cobb said.

- A variety of government spending items she calls “investing in the future.”

“Infrastructure spending, I think education spending, I think public service loan repayment, working with our universities and quite frankly, early childhood education,” she said.

- Reforming politics.

“I think we need to make some fundamental changes in elections, in getting money out of politics. I think we’re seeing how corruptive it is,” she said.

On other issues:

- Cobb opposes cuts or raising the age of eligibility for Social Security or Medicare anbd pledges to never vote to cut either program.

- She supports a number of gun control measures, while opposing a ban on assault weapons.

“What I do support is closing gun show loopholes, what I do support are universal background checks. And I support the Violence Against Women Act,” she said.

- She supports requiring candidates for president to disclose their taxes.

“Every presidential candidate should, and I will support meaningful legislation and work with states to make sure that it absolutely happens.”

- She supports reining in the power of presidents to take military action without consulting congress.

“I think it has gone far too long. We need to revisit that so that no president, or the executive branch, doesn’t have too much power,” she said.

Cobb said the first thing she’ll do, if elected, is “listen.”

“That might seem like an odd answer, but it is always to listen,” she said.

“To listen to the people who have elected me, to listen to the people who haven’t voted for me.”

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