Salmon Run Mall will be closed this Thanksgiving

WWNY Salmon Run Mall will be closed this Thanksgiving

TOWN OF WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you made plans to go on a shopping spree after eating your Thanksgiving dinner, think again. Malls across the country have made the decision to close on Thanksgiving.

Salmon Run Mall in the town of Watertown is no exception.

“Company-wide, Pyramid did decide this year to close on Thanksgiving. Kind of give everyone a day at home,” said Karla Woods, marketing director.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals will be spread out over November.

“This year, they’ll get more options, more time to do it. And depending on exactly what they’re looking for, they can come in on various days. They don’t have to wait until the last mnute or wake up super early on Black Friday,” said Woods.

Elisabeth Clarke is a manager at Around the World and says this is game-changing.

“This was a really good thing for me. My family gets to spend time with me and I don’t have to rush around and try to cook dinner and rush back to work for these sales. It was a blessing,” she said.

Shoppers agree. Over the recent years, the meaning of Thanksgiving has been overshadowed by big deals and heavy shopping bags.

“People just like to go out on Thanksgiving so they want to get that best deal when Black Friday is literally around the corner. They should be more worried about being home and spending time with family because that’s what the holiday is for,” said John Matthie, shopper.

Salmon Run Mall will be open at 7 a.m. for Black Friday.

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