Assembly candidates vote in person Tuesday

WWNY Assembly candidates vote in person Tuesday

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - In the north country’s River District – the 116th New York Assembly District -- incumbent Republican Mark Walczyk voted in Watertown Tuesday morning. Democratic challenger Alex Hammond cast his vote at the Waddington Fire Hall at 9 a.m.

Walczyk cast his ballot at the Midtown Towers polling site, following an early morning sign-waving event that took place at the corner of Arsenal and Massey streets.

“Today is the day of hype and sign waves and excitement. This is participation in democracy," he said.

Walczyk says he’s confident he has done everything he could during the campaign.

“It’s been a strange year, but we’ve been out there working very hard throughout this entire campaign,” said Walczyk. “We’ve had to tailor the message. Obviously, we’re not shaking hands and knocking on every door. The public events that we’re used to aren’t there like they have been in the past, but we’ve worked very hard on social media.”

Hammond is currently Waddington’s town supervisor. He said he was the 256th person to vote at the fire hall.

“That is what today is for is getting the vote out, making your voice heard as an American and as a New York state citizen here in the 116th District,” he said.

In his Election Day efforts, Hammond started in Watertown, where he waved to cars driving by Public Square. While in Watertown, Hammond and Walcyzk shook hands at neighboring sign-waving events as they wished each other luck in the night ahead.

“I was born and raised here,” said Hammond. “My family has been here for 6 generations and I think it’s time we send a local voice to Albany to advocate for everyone. Overall, you know, let’s stop the fighting and let’s get to work for the north country and I think I am the candidate to do that.”

Assembly challenger Alex Hammond cast his ballot in Waddington Tuesday morning.
Assembly challenger Alex Hammond cast his ballot in Waddington Tuesday morning. (Source: WWNY)

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