Chaumont election results surprise villagers on both sides of issue

WWNY Chaumont election results surprise villagers on both sides of issue

CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWNY) - Villagers don’t want Chaumont to dissolve into the town of Lyme. Tuesday night’s election results surprised people on both sides of the issue.

A sign has been outside Martin Jones' Chaumont home since October. It urged people to vote against dissolving the village.

Now that Election Day is over and the results are in, Jones updated the sign.

“It says, ‘Yay, we won,’” he said.

As of Wednesday morning, the vote is 136 to 119 against the dissolution plan.

Jones says he’s surprised that many people voted in favor of Chaumont dissolving into the town of Lyme, but he can relax knowing it’s not happening.

“It’s like taking a weight off yourself,” he said.

Village Mayor Valerie Rust says she’s surprised by the results too, just not for the same reason.

“I was surprised that it was turned down,” she said.

Rust says one draw of dissolution would have been avoiding possible tax increases on village residents.

But, now that Chaumont will remain a village, Jones says if taxes have to go up, that’s okay with him.

“If the village needed more taxes to do their job, yeah, I’m willing to pay it, you bet,” he said.

While Rust says taxes on village residents could go up, the village board is working to make sure it’s a minimal increase.

“We’re going to continue working hard to try and make the village efficient without over-burdening the taxpayer,” she said.

Rust says her job and two board trustee spots will open up next election and at this point she’s not planning to run for reelection.

“We have been on it for a long time, many years. It’s time for new blood, new people to come in and take that place,” she said.

Rust says even though the dissolution plan didn’t go through, she hopes the board can use parts of it to save the village money.

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