Oxbow Fire Department seeking help to rebuild truck bay

WWNY Oxbow Fire Department seeking help to rebuild truck bay

OXBOW, N.Y. (WWNY) - Do you have time or tools to spare? The Oxbow Fire Department could use your help.

“We’re rebuilding our truck bay because the old one was getting too small for us; we need room to move,” said James Maloy, Oxbow fire chief.

Right now, the people rebuilding the bay are primarily the volunteer firefighters. In the old building, they would have to get in their gear pressed against the fire engines.

“There wasn’t a lot of room so once the trucks are in there, you’re squeezed in between the trucks, getting in each other’s way,” said Kory Hull, volunteer firefighter.

And the building was just plain old. It has been there since the 1950s.

“I think they built it with what they had and who they had to help. Thank God it lasted as long as it did,” said Hull.

In the old truck bay, the tankers were parked back to back with the fire trucks, making them difficult to access. Now, they have their own slot when they can pull out.

The department has been working to replace the old building since this summer, but now the pressure is on to get the outside done before winter.

Even with fundraising efforts and grants from the state, the department is short on money, supplies and labor.

“Anybody who’d like to donate their time, we’d be grateful,” said Maloy.

If you want to help, call 315-287-9898.

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