Voters' apparent 2nd Amendment passion leads Storie to judge’s bench

WWNY Voters' apparent 2nd Amendment passion leads Storie to judge’s bench

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Former Canton village justice Greg Storie was never shy about it - protecting the 2nd Amendment was a big reason he ran for St. Lawrence County judge. He first got the idea to run because of restrictions a former judge put on pistol permits.

“That’s something I feel passionately about. In St. Lawrence County, a lot of people feel passionately about it,” said Storie.

Apparently that’s true. Republican Storie holds an 8,152 vote margin over Democratic challenger Nicole Duve. But with potentially more than 10,000 absentee and other ballots to count next week, Duve is not conceding.

“It’s important to wait until all the ballots are counted,” she said.

But Storie’s margin will be well-nigh impossible to overcome and 7 News and other media have declared him the winner. Storie said he’s ready to turn the page.

“I plan on doing a good job for everybody. I plan on working hard. I plan on putting my time in. I plan on living up to the trust that was put in me,” he said.

Pistol permits loomed large in the race because former county Judge Jerome Richards restricted their use to outdoor sports.

Both Storie and Duve pledged to issue them without restrictions. But Storie had his message out first on the issue.

Storie is expected to be sworn in on January 1. He’ll take the bench to adjudicate cases, mete out sentences – and issue pistol permits.

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