How SUNY schools will test students for COVID before Thanksgiving break

WWNY How SUNY schools will test students for COVID before Thanksgiving break

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Thanksgiving break is nearing and soon college students will be leaving campus to return home for the holidays. But they can’t go home if they fail this one test.

By request of the chancellor of SUNY schools, all 64 SUNY colleges needed to submit a plan to test students for COVID-19 at least 10 days before they leave campus for Thanksgiving break.

SUNY officials in the north country say that’s not a problem.

“We at SUNY Potsdam have been testing all of our students every other week anyways, so the chancellor’s request for us to test our students and have them get their results before they came back (home) really fits in nice to what we’ve already been doing,” said SUNY Potsdam Interim Dean of Students Dr. Eric Duchscherer.

SUNY Potsdam is offering several testing dates for students before they leave.

At SUNY Canton, the plan is to test on-campus students on November 9 and 10, then commuter and remote students on November 17.

And at SUNY Jefferson, commuter students will continue getting tested bi-weekly as they have been and students living in the residential hall will get rapid tested the week of November 16 before checking out.

“We want to stop the spread. We’ve been fortunate as a campus; we want to ensure that we have that and that all the students are safe while they travel for the holiday,” said Dr. Corey Campbell, vice president of student affairs.

“This is absolutely not just about keeping the students and campus community safe, but it is absolutely about keeping their families and communities they’re going back to around the state safe too,” said Duchscherer.

For all three schools, once students leave for Thanksgiving break, they’ll stay home until the start of the spring semester, finishing their final weeks virtually.

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