Saturday Sports: Beaver River Boys Cross Country still hitting the trails

Saturday Sports: Beaver River Boys Cross Country still hitting the trails

BEAVER FALLS, N.Y. (WWNY) - This time of the year is usually the time the Beaver River Boys' Cross Country Team brings home another State Title.

While the team didn’t have a chance to do that this year, they are still running and competing against some of the best competition around the northeast.

The Beaver River Boys' Cross Country Team picked up their 18th state championship and 3rd straight last year, and it looked like the team would make it a 4-peat this season until COVID-19 derailed the Beavers chances.

“There were a couple of reliable sources that had us ranked in the top 5 of all schools in the whole state, so to have a team that’s that competitive not really get a chance to show it is really tough," said Beavers Coach Alex Barrett.

The Beavers did manage to get two Frontier League meets in the books with the limited fall sports schedule that Lewis County teams took part in this fall, and Barrett says he’s proud of how his young men have handled a very tough situation.

“These guys have been- kept their positive attitude throughout this season, anyway. We’re making the best we can with the club races that we’re able to get to and you know hopefully they’ll be able to kind of show their talent this season anyway," said Barrett.

The club team Barrett is talking about is Beaver Dam Track Club, which competes under the USA Track and Field Association.

Barrett’s Beaver River runners have been doing some traveling, competing in events both as a team and individually, giving them a chance to display their talents and have some semblance of a normal season. It’s something that’s important to the seniors on the team.

“Yeah, it helps a lot cause I’m still able to get, like, times to college coaches and stuff and they can see I’m like putting in work to keep running even though we don’t have a real season," said Beaver River senior runner Cory Demo.

“It has been pretty nice. Certainly helps me get motivated to get out and run instead of just running by myself, easier to rely on others to push me in workouts, running with my friends and stuff. It just helps me to Kinda keep pushing to get better," said senior runner Conrad Freed.

The team is planning to compete on November 28th in Middletown, New York in the Northeast Club championships, bringing some of the best teams and runners from the region together to square off and the Beavers are looking forward to it.

“Facing top notch competition, it’s enjoyable. I mean, it’s a little different than racing around here, but I mean, I’d rather be in a really competitive race and be challenged and pushed chasing the guys in front of me that are usually quite a bit faster than me," said senior cross country runner Hunter Moore.

Challenges are something the Beaver River Boys Cross Country Team never shy away from.

Watch the video above for highlights.

Saturday Sports Scores

Boys NAC Soccer

  • Parishville Hopkinton 4, St. Lawrence C. 1
  • O.F.A. 4, Potsdam 0

Girls NAC Soccer

  • Parishville Hopkinton 3, Brushton Moira 2
  • Potsdam 5, O.F.A. 1
  • Hammond 6, Norwood Norfolk 0
  • Morristown 5, Hermon DeKalb 0

Boys NAC Cross Country

  • Malone 15, Massena 50
  • Norwood Norfolk 23, Potsdam 38
  • Canton 15, O.F.A. 50

Girls NAC Cross Country

  • Malone 15, Massena 50
  • Norwood Norfolk 15, Potsdam 50
  • Canton 20, O.F.A. 35

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