Absentee ballots counted, Fiacco wins St. Lawrence County Legislature seat

WWNY Absentee ballots counted, Fiacco wins St. Lawrence County Legislature seat

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s not over 'til it’s over. They’re counting absentee ballots in St. Lawrence County. It could change results in some races.

“We are starting the process of counting our 8,000-plus absentee ballots,” said Jennie Bacon, St. Lawrence County Democratic elections commissioner.

The counting can have a big impact. Republican Chad Colbert was well ahead on election night. But Monday’s count of absentees reversed that result.

“They’re were so many absentees out there I knew it could totally flip. So there was no peace there. There was no, ‘Okay I’ve won or I haven’t won,’” said Chad Colbert, Republican candidate for St. Lawrence County Legislature District 11:

Democrat Suzanne Fiacco is now well ahead in the race for District 11 and Colbert conceded on Monday.

For those counting votes, it has been a year like no other.

“Definitely we’re under the microscope because there are a lot of folks who have lost confidence in the process. And Jennie and I always made sure, we make sure, we do everything we can to increase the public’s confidence,” said Thomas Nichols, St. Lawrence County Republican elections commissioner.

The 8,000-plus absentee ballots this year compares to the previous record of around 3,000. There are also affidavit ballots to count. Those were cast when voter information was incomplete or missing at polls.

The kind of vote counting they’re doing in St. Lawrence County has been taking place across the nation.

A lot of the hullabaloo around the presidential race revolves around absentee ballot counts in places like Georgia and Pennsylvania. In New York, that race seems firmly settled.

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