SLU goes to remote learning for rest of week

SLU goes to remote learning for rest of week
St. Lawrence University (Source: WWNY)

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - St. Lawrence University has switched to remote learning for the rest of the week after COVID-19 was found in the wastewater of four dormitories.

In a message to the campus community, university officials said the spike in coronavirus cases in St. Lawrence County was also a factor in the decision.

Residents of Sykes, Lee, Priest, and Reiff halls will be quarantined as a precaution after the disease was detected in the wastewater from those buildings.

Students in those dorms will stay quarantined until results of their COVID-19 tests come back and the virus is no longer detected in the wastewater, which officials say could take through the weekend.

Students in Hulett and Lee halls were quarantined for several days last month after traces of the virus were found in their wastewater. That discovery did not lead to campus-wide remote learning.

University officials point out that the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater does not mean there are active cases of the disease.

Other students are asked to not visit other residence halls and to stay on campus as much as possible.

All in-person activities – including athletic practices – are cancelled and all athletic and recreation venues are closed through Friday.

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