Lewis County ‘entering new phase’ in battle against COVID

WWNY Lewis County ‘entering new phase’ in battle against COVID

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Lewis County is entering a new phase in its battle against COVID-19. Those words were said at a news conference in Lowville Friday.

The county is now showing the public where the active cases are in the county.

County Manager Ryan Piche points out the town of Denmark has 18 active cases and the town of Lowville has 11 active cases.

There are some towns that have no active cases and Piche says people shouldn’t be misled into thinking that they can let their guard down.

“There is an opportunity for people to misrepresent what this means. Just because you’re in Copenhagen, doesn’t mean you’re the only place that needs to wear a mask and socially distance. That would be an improper interpretation of what we’re trying to provide,” he said.

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