Four north country charities split $100,000

WWNY charities split $100,000

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Just in time for the holidays, four north country charities are splitting a hundred thousand dollars.

The Salvation Army, Community Action Planning Council, Urban Mission and United Way are each getting $25,000. The money comes at a time when the demand for food has sharply increased.

“We’re seeing probably double, at least double the amount of requests than last year.,” said Melinda Gault, CAPC Executive Director.

“And now with the numbers rising again, I think our demand for services is going to increase.”

The money is coming from the federal government, the “CARES” Act, which congress passed to provide help to communities grappling with COVID-19.

“The food pantries were under a lot of stress and needed as much help as they could get,” said Jennifer Voss, City of Watertown Senior Planner.

“So, granting these funds to the food pantries was just an obvious way to use the funds.”

The Salvation Army has already seen a 50 percent increase in requests for their Christmas food.

“We would have really been in trouble to provide that. I don’t jump up and down very well. But yes, we were really thrilled,” said Major Karen Smullen from the Salvation Army.

And Major Smullen says the extra money will help feed people into 2021.

“It’s a gift that’s going to keep on giving for 12 months. You don’t normally get those kinds of gifts.”

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