Copenhagen makes traffic changes, lifts water alert

WWNY Copenhagen traffic changes, conserve water notice lifted 11-19-20

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Copenhagen’s village board approved traffic changes and lifted conserve water notices at Thursday night’s meeting.

The board is moving forward with local laws that will create a fire lane on Loud Street next to Copenhagen Central School, as well as place no-through truck signs on both Maiden Lane and Center Street.

This is to reduce large vehicles from using those streets and to improve emergency vehicles’ access to the school.

The board also lifted the village’s conserve water notice.

The village had continued to ask village residents to conserve water after its water emergency expired in October.

Now the old well on Wood Battle Road is up and running.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Doran Johnson says having it operational has helped the wells on Stoddard Road rebound to nearly 100 percent after drought conditions this summer.

“Obviously our supply has returned. I have let this go now for approximately 10 days before I even thought about the conserve water being lifted to ensure that it wasn’t a fluke and the wells were going to go back down,” Johnson said.

“I believe we are back in the safe zone to lift the conservation and move on smartly.”

Johnson said the Wood Battle Road well saved the village from having to haul water in from other areas.

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