Friday’s weather: great...for November

Friday’s weather: great...for November
The north country's wake up weather forecast. (Source: WWNY)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - You don’t need a jacket this morning.

Let me say it again: you don’t need a jacket.’s November 20. You can’t ask for better, this time of year.

It will be cloudy today, but no rain to speak of.

We’re pretty close to our expected high already in the Watertown area, with temperatures somewhat cooler - think upper 40s - to the east, in the Adirondacks. Readings in the 60s are not out of the question later today.

Tonight’s low will be brisk, but not freezing - 38.

Then Saturday will be a more November-like 43, but still no rain.

Sunday, a different story: 38 with a chance of a little snow, though nothing serious.

Let’s enjoy today. We won’t get many more days like this for a while.

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