Sign asks Lowville Walmart to follow mask rules

WWNY Sign asks Lowville Walmart to follow mask rules

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Lewis County Health System is calling on the local Walmart to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

If you drive past the main LCHS campus in Lowville, you’ll see a sign that reads, “Walmart Lowville, please be a good neighbor and follow the ‘Wear a Mask’ guidance. Thank you, LCHS.”

Health System CEO Jerry Cayer says the sign was put up after he and employees of the health system saw many employees and shoppers not wearing masks.

“To me, it’s very clear. It sends a message of selfishness and lack of empathy. Basic rules, regulations, and guidance is not being followed and is completely disregarded. To me, it does not send a good message. In my line of work, we’re dealing with the end product,” said Cayer. “When a large employer that has many touch points, is unwilling to enforce the mask guidance that the governor has brought forward an executive order, it’s just time to be polite and simply ask them politely to enforce wearing a mask.”

7 News has reached out to Walmart for comment. We’ll update this story if the retailer gets back to us.

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