North country church gives away Thanksgiving dinners

North country church gives away Thanksgiving dinners

TOWN OF HOUNSFIELD, N.Y. (WWNY) - Cars were lined up well before the Airport Christian Fellowship Church’s 1 PM start time for it’s Thanksgiving dinner take away.

Deacon Beau Ledbury says this is the 7th year the church has hosted the event. However, the church changed to a drive-thru style this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic which Ledbury says was a last minute decision

“So last call, we called Renzi’s and said hey we will take 100 turkeys. We are going to do a drive-thru and we will let you know God says you build it I’ll send them,” said Ledbury.

But they didn’t give away just turkeys.

There was a whole spread of other Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing, mashed potatoes and rolls just waiting to be prepared.

Many cars were taking 2 or 3 full meals to share with other families this holiday season.

It’s something Ledbury says goes a long way this time of year.

“It’s awesome to be able to put something in front of somebody. They don’t have to figure everything out, it’s already figured out for them. We’re trying to relieve the burden of the family especially in this time that we are in,” said Ledbury.

Ledbury even says in times like these, the church’s faith only plays a small part in why they host events like this.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe or who you believe to an extent. That is not our job to judge that. Our job is just to love people and that is what we are doing, just loving people,” said Ledbury.

Ledbury says they hoped to give out 75 meals on Saturday and 20-25 more will go to families after church service on Sunday.

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