‘These are dangerous times,” Cuomo says of COVID-19 hike

‘These are dangerous times,” Cuomo says of COVID-19 hike
Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a briefing Monday on the state's coronavirus situation. (Source: WWNY)

NEW YORK (WWNY) - If COVID-19 cases continue to increase the next three weeks the way they have the last three, the state’s death toll could reach 100 per day.

At a news conference Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “these are dangerous times that we’re in.”

He said hospitalizations went from under 1,000 to nearly 3,000 in three weeks. At that rate, 6,000 people will be in hospitals at the end of another three weeks.

And when you say hospitalizations are going up, he said, that means more people will die.

The daily death rate was around 10-15 three weeks ago and now it’s around 30. Cuomo said at that rate, it could reach 100.

And, he said, that’s not even taking the upcoming holiday into consideration.

“We are already in a bad period before you get to Thanksgiving,” he said.

“Please think about thinking about Thanksgiving differently this year,” he said, “because it has to be a different Thanksgiving,” noting that one of his daughters is staying in Chicago this year because of the risk.

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