Lowville family lights up the night to help food pantry

Lowville family asks people to "give and glow"

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Lowville family is asking the community to “give and glow” this holiday season.

“I think we all need that little extra Christmas cheer,” Lianne Turck said.

Turck and her family decided to create some Christmas cheer in Lowville.

And they’re doing it with lights, lights, and more lights.

Their home on East State Street is hard to miss. You can almost spot it from miles away.

“It’s really kind of fun to be able to have a home that’s in town, that a lot of people go by and I can just bring a smile to people’s faces,” Turck said. “That’s really what I want this year, to bring a little happiness.”

The thousands of lights strung on and around the home are not just here to make you smile. They’re here to get your attention about something bigger: hunger during the holidays.

Two wheelbarrows sit on the front lawn, also adorned with lights. They wait for passersby to donate food and supplies -- cans, boxes, and bottles -- all for the Lowville Food Pantry.

It’s a way to plug into the giving spirit this holiday.

“People are generous and I’m just giving them an outlet of a way to do it,” Turck said.

Word of the spectacle has spread through the hashtag #Lowvillegiveandglow.

Peggy Halladay of Watson dropped off some canned goods herself. She says the power of social media is what brought her.

“I’m all about the food pantry because of all the families that are in need, especially at this time of the year,” Halladay said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

There’s plenty of time to check out the display and give. They will continue to shine until January 1.

“We know we live in a very generous community and I know there will be much more to come, so I’m excited,” Turck said.

We all know these days life has been different. That’s why Turck says it’s so important to help others and to share in a little bit of joy and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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