From the hospital to home: A homecoming for a Lowville COVID-19 survivor

From the hospital to home: A homecoming for a Lowville COVID-19 survivor

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Sunday, Joe Bush sat in Lowville, smiling and waving to a line of cars - hundreds of them. They came to welcome him home after he spent a month in the hospital fighting COVID-19.

“I was surprised when I heard the sheriffs or whatever, the sirens. Thought maybe it was the ambulance coming at first, so I had no idea what was going on. It was very, very nice. I appreciate what everyone has done for me,” said Joe.

Family members say they believe he got it from his wife, who contracted COVID-19 after attending a baptism at the Apostolic Church in the Town of New Bremen.

He was admitted to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse a month ago. Due to underlying conditions, Bush was in intensive care for more than three weeks and given less than a 5% chance of survival. His mother recalled how difficult it was to know her son was so sick for so long.

“On the 24th, we all thought he was going to die. I’m not kidding you. And we prayed so hard. But thank God for wonderful doctors in 2020,” said Sandra Kelley Bush, Joe’s mother.

Doctors told Bush that if he had gotten the virus back in March, he would not have survived. But because of how much doctors have learned since, they were able to help him recover and return home.

“Just to get home, oh my God, it’s like- Oh my God, you’re almost like a new you,” said Joe.

Bush’s mother wasn’t able to see her son during his hospital stay because of limitations on visitors.

“But when we know he was home, it was the most wonderful and thankful thing the Lord ever gave me in my life. Honest to God,” said Sandra.

But the road ahead will not be easy. Joe says that it’ll be about six months until he’s fully healthy.

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