Update: Ogdensburg nursing home now reports 6 deaths since Thanksgiving

WWNY Ogdensburg nursing home reports 5 deaths since Thanksgiving

TOWN OF OSWEGATCHIE, N.Y. (WWNY) - There have been 6 deaths since Thanksgiving at one Ogdensburg nursing home. Plus, nearly half the residents there are infected with COVID-19. Families are growing more and more anxious.

The nursing home told 7 News that as of late Monday morning, a total of 5 residents testing positive for COVID-19 have died since Thanksgiving. On Tuesday morning, they reported one more.

People with loved ones at United Helpers’ Ogdensburg nursing home have been getting phone messages daily.

Here’s Sunday’s:

“There have been 39 new residents testing positive for COVID-19 since the last update. Two COVID-positive residents were hospitalized. Yesterday, one COVID-positive resident died.”

Seventy-one residents altogether have tested positive for the disease. Dawn Mack’s mother is one.

“We’re just terrified. We’re terrified she’s not going to come home. And where do you go from there? How do you get her out? How do you get her back home now,” said Mack.

Her mother is there rehabilitating from a hip fracture. Inside the nursing home, she and other residents look for answers.

“She has other friends that she has met while she’s been in here. She doesn’t know their condition. She doesn’t know if anybody she knows since she’s met in here has passed,” said Mack.

Forty-one nursing home staff members have also tested positive. United Helpers managers were not commenting to the media Monday. Anxious families showed up all day.

One of those families said their loved one, in his 90s, was one of those who died.

They said 95-year-old Floyd Layboult was a great father to his 7 girls. A miner, farmer and wonderful gardener - those are among his children’s fondest memories.

“He’s sitting on the picnic table watching his garden grow,” said Kim Cole, daughter.

She said his grandchildren would tell him this: “Grandpa turn around the other way and look at our garden so our garden will grow.”

The New York State Department of Health says it did an unannounced COVID-19 control inspection of the nursing home on November 16. It says no deficiencies were found.

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