Leak in one Watertown pool could save another from being filled in

WWNY Leak in one Watertown pool could save another from being filled in

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A leak in one Watertown swimming pool could save another from demolition.

The fate of Watertown’s Alteri Pool seemed to be sealed. City council voted in September to fill it in, opting to keep the Flynn pool on the north side open.

Now, Watertown City Manager Ken Mix says that pool has sprung a leak.

“It was a couple weeks ago, parks crew was checking on it routinely and noticed the water level had gone down significantly,” he said.

Mix says the leak appears to be in the pool’s drain.

City Council member Lisa Ruggiero says one company has given a ballpark estimate of $60,000 to $80,000 to fix it.

Mix isn’t sure what it’ll cost, but once he does, council will have to make a choice.

“We’ve got to make a determination of whether the cost of fixing the Flynn pool is too great and they may want to decide to decommission that pool instead of the Alteri Pool,” he said.

Mix says city council has directed him to only keep two pools in operation next year. But some council members say Watertown should keep all three.

“I don’t see the problem in just winterizing both of the pools and hanging on to them, not necessarily having to operate them full-time, but hanging on to them in case something were to happen to one or the others,” said Ryan Henry-Wilkinson, city council member.

Ruggiero says she agrees with holding on to all three and points to the Flynn Pool leak as a reason why.

“I hate to think that if the Alteri pool was already demolished, and if the Flynn pool was going to cost a lot more than what we expected, then we would be down to one pool,” she said.

We’ve reached out to Mayor Jeff Smith and council members Sarah Compo and Jesse Roshia, but haven’t heard back.

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