Families flock to north country tree farms to find their perfect Christmas tree

Families flock to north country tree farms to find their perfect Christmas tree

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s that time of year again.

Simmons Farm in Copenhagen is welcoming families to cut down some of their Christmas trees.

The family has been growing and selling them for decades, but this holiday season, the owner says trees have been in higher demand.

“We have been extremely busy from the week before Thanksgiving up until right now. It’s very, very busy,” said Simmons Farm owner Shari Simmons.

Simmons says sales have shot up. Nationally, the the New York Times reports Christmas tree retailers are running through their supplies quickly, and growers are reporting a big increase revenue.

Simmons thinks the boom is because of COVID-19.

“This year, we’ve had a lot of first time people. I think most of them are just looking for something to do, and getting your Christmas tree here at Simmons Farm, we like to make it like it’s an experience,” said Simmons.

Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck at Evergreen View Farm in Lowville, getting trees wrapped and ready to head home.

“It’s a little more family-oriented. You go pick out what tree you want and you haul it out. It puts a little labor into it, which makes it more special,” said Ralph Kimbrell, who was chopping down a tree.

But not everyone played nice. The Grinch himself came out to get his very own Christmas tree.

“I had to come out with my wife and kids today to get a Christmas tree, so I figured I might as well be the Grinch and try and have a little fun doing it. 2020′s been kind of a messed up year for everybody, so just trying to get out here and spread a little holiday cheer,” said Branden Marriott, who dressed as the Grinch.

So whether it’s short, tall, slim, or round, the perfect tree is out there and you can go find it.

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