Educators offer tips on keeping kids focused while learning at home

WWNY Educators offer tips on keeping kids focused while learning at home

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you’re a parent, you know school these days is focused on technology. How to keep a kid’s focus is a lesson in itself. We spoke with teachers and a principal to find out what works.

Beyond a sea of empty desks, 6th grade teacher Peggy Lazarchuck sits alone. But technically, she’s not alone. Her students are right at her fingertips.

This is the new style of teaching and it’s a big change. Parents may wonder, how can I make sure my child is getting the most out of the lesson?

Teachers at Wiley Intermediate School have some tips.

Fifth grade teacher Nina Faber says routine is key. She says treat learning at home like a day at school with a schedule.

“What time you’re going to check into each class and just going like that day by day would really help,” she said.

Educators say another vital tip is this - success starts with showing up. They want parents to get their kids on Zoom and they’ll take it from there.

“We try our very best to make them interactive, to make them engaging,” said Lazarchuck.

At Wiley Intermediate, workers are happy to teach parents the technology. The school principal is even ready to help.

“If you don’t have those technical abilities, or you don’t know how to get on the screen, sometimes you just need to be shown. I can show them,” said Elizabeth Maurer, principal.

If you’re strugging, these teachers want you to reach out.

“If you are more comfortable with a text, I can send you a text. If you’re more comfortable with a phone call, I can send you a phone call. If all it takes is a screenshot to show you what your child is missing, I can do that, too,” said Lazarchuck.

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