Meet Lewis County’s Senior Citizen of the Year

WWNY Meet Lewis County’s Senior Citizen of the Year

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - He loves helping out in his community and now he is Lewis County’s Senior Citizen of the Year.

“I trim all of the trees out front.”

That’s Nat Virkler, who helps keep the grounds at the First Presbyterian Church in Lowville.

It’s a job he has done for 10 years, using all of his own equipment.

“I can say I do it for the church and I like to make it look nice because it is where it is,” said Virkler.

For all of his hard work, the church community nominated Virkler for the Randy Streeter Senior Citizen of the Year Award and he won

The honor is presented by the Lewis County Office for the Aging.

“I didn’t even realize they had a Randy Streeter award for senior citizens. I was just shocked,” said Virkler.

Steve Vance is a former pastor who helps out at the church

“I had the privilege of being the guy who put his name on the application, but my small group, which is 10 people, unanimously, without hesitation, said that is a great idea,” he said.

Virkler was also nominated for his countless hours driving county residents to appointments and bringing meals to those who can’t make it out during the pandemic.

“I didn’t do it to get recognized. I did it because I thought it was a thing to do or a nice thing to do. Something I could do,” he said.

Virkler says after 10 years it’s about time to move on from his yard work. He will put that aside next year, but he says he will continue to help in other ways when called upon.

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