More problems found at Watertown’s Flynn Pool

Flynn pool costs

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Inspection of Watertown’s north side pool revealed major fixes are needed.

Last week, leaks were discovered in Watertown’s Flynn pool. After surveying the pool on Tuesday, city of engineer Michael Delaney says the pool shell has significant deficiencies that would have to be addressed.

“There were previous estimates to resurface the interior of the shell of the pool in the past,” he said. “I believe they were in the $120,000 range.”

And that doesn’t include any potential mechanical issues. Watertown’s city council voted in September to keep the Flynn pool and fill the Alteri pool.

Council member Lisa Ruggiero says Flynn’s potential repair costs don’t scare her and she thinks it’s worth keeping a third pool as a backup.

“The Thompson Park pool, that was close to $900,000, just for the pool,” she said. “So, if you figure the cost of that to put in a new one, $100,000 really is not much to basically keep the infrastructure going.”

But Mayor Jeff Smith says keeping a third pool around isn’t worth the money.

“Just to hang onto a pool and keep paying for repairs and costs and the operating cost of each pool is $100,000 a year,” Smith said. “That’s not a wise investment or use of taxpayer dollars.”

Delaney is in the process of working with contractors to determine the total repair costs of the Flynn pool.

He expects to submit a full report by the end of the month.

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