Fire district still covered despite losing pumper

WWNY Fire district still covered despite losing pumper

TOWN OF PAMELIA, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Town of Orleans Fire District is still covered for fire protection despite losing a pumper last week.

That truck now sits at a towing company’s lot just outside of Watertown.

It’s Fishers Landing’s equipment and it rolled over into the water last Friday as it was pumping water out of the St. Lawrence River, as firefighters battled a blaze on Wellesley Island.

Joe Plummer, director of Jefferson County Fire and Emergency Management, says the fire district, which includes the Wellesley Island and LaFargeville areas, is shuffling around other equipment to cover for the lost truck.

“So they are able to shuffle things around within their departments for things, but they have also acquired from another department a spare pumper truck and that is sitting now in service at Fisher’s Landing,” said Plummer.

The towing company that fished out the truck says an insurance agency has already looked at the damaged pumper.

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