Lyme man says road needs stop sign; he supplies it

WWNY Lyme man says road needs stop sign; he supplies it

TOWN OF LYME, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Town of Lyme man says his road needs a stop sign.

And when the town didn’t put one up, he did.

Gary Stinson installed the stop sign at the intersection of Klock Road and County Route 57.

There used to be a stop sign at the intersection, but it somehow went missing.

“I went over to the town highway department on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I told them about the sign,” Stinson said.

“It was nearly lunch time and the gentlemen told me after lunch he will come out and take care of it.”

It never happened, Stinson said Friday.

The town argued Klock Road is private property not a town highway, so it is not the town’s responsibility.

So Stinson consulted with someone from the county highway department and decided to put up a stop sign on his own.

He had most of the materials - including a stop sign - on hand already.

“So my out of pocket expenses other than the nuts and bolts was nothing, and I am not seeking anything from the town or anything,” Stinson said.

Stinson acknowledges there haven’t been any accidents where Klock Road meets Route 57, so he sees the stop sign as insurance, prevention.

He’s mostly concerned about the line of sight for motorists on Route 57.

“It’s a sweeping curve here by a blind hill, and cars come down here pretty quick, pretty fast. and I am just afraid somebody is going to get hurt,” he said.

Town attorney Joe Russell said Friday that Stinson’s stop sign may be up, but doesn’t mean much.

“If Mr. Stinson is installing a stop sign it is not being done with any municipal authority, and I doubt if it has any legal enforceability,” he said.

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