Packing, shipping industries see historic increases

WWNY Packing, shipping industries see historic increases

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The pandemic has boosted online shopping this year, but with Christmas around the corner, the packing and shipping industries are even busier.

The United States Postal Service says we’re seeing a historic increase in shipping.

Officials say not being able to gather means more packages are being sent through the mail.

At the Watertown post office, the line was out the door Tuesday.

Even with a record amount of work to be done, the USPS says it has gotten used to increasingly busy holiday seasons.

“Our job is to get it done. We deliver 24/7, our operations are going 24/7, we have all of our machines running, we have all of our trucks running,” said Amy Gibbs, USPS strategic communications specialist.

Before gifts can be shipped, someone has to do the packing.

At the MonthlyBoxer packing warehouse in Watertown, employees are working even harder than Santa’s elves to make sure everyone gets their Christmas presents on time.

“We’ve been working all day; it seems like there’s orders coming in all the time,” said Bryan Graczyk, MonthlyBoxer employee.

And it’s largely thanks to the pandemic.

“Almost all of people’s shopping is happening online this year. It’s been a busy one,” said Alex Morgia, MonthlyBoxer owner.

Workers say some sales have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled, but they have less time, fewer supplies, and less help than in years past.

“The problem with COVID happening is we don’t want to have too many people working too closely. It’s, like, oh, crap, we need more people, but we don’t want to have an outbreak start here,” said Zachary Lamb, warehouse manager.

But this week and next are crunch time and the company says it needs workers urgently.

“Our team will appreciate the help. We’re doing unlimited overtime right now, working seven days a week,” said Morgia.

Because for everyone who added to cart and proceeded to checkout, there’s a box to stuff.

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