Samaritan reports new cases of COVID at Summit Village

Samaritan reports new cases of COVID at Summit Village
Samaritan Summit Village (Source: WWNY)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Samaritan Health reported more cases of COVID-19 at its Summit Village facility Tuesday and Wednesday.

Three residents of the Assisted Living facility tested positive, and one of the three has been hospitalized. The other two have what were described as “minor” symptoms. Samaritan Health will isolate them for 14 days and do contact tracing to determine whether any other residents or staff could be affected.

Two residents of the Skilled Nursing Facility tested positive, and are now in a special COVID-only unit away from other residents. Both people are asymptomatic, Samaritan Health said in statements.

Two staff members who work in the Assisted Living facility have also tested positive. One staff member had not been in the facility in nearly three weeks, while the other had “minimal resident interaction,” Samaritan said in a statement.

Samaritan plans to check all Assisted Living residents this week and next, while staff is checked weekly.

Because of the positive tests, Summit Village has to suspend visitation, which can only be resumed when the facility goes 14 days without a staff member of resident testing positive for the virus.

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