Town of Alexandria land acquired to protect water quality

Town of Alexandria land acquired to protect water quality
Broudy property (Source: Feather in Flight Productions)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - More than 500 acres of land have been acquired in the town of Alexandria to protect the St. Lawrence River’s water quality.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Thousand Islands Land Trust announced TILT’s acquisition of 527 acres as part of the Crooked Creek Preserve Water Quality Initiative.

This acquisition will protect the surface water quality of the St. Lawrence River.

TILT acquired the parcels with New York State Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) funding that provides resources to protect source waters.

The St. Lawrence River serves as a drinking water source for many nearby communities. The DEC said as shoreline development and agricultural expansion continues along the river, the potential for water contamination increases.

The acquisition includes three parcels in the Goose Bay/Crooked Creek complex.

The DEC said water quality in Goose Bay has declined over time due to eutrophication, which is an excess of nutrients likely due to runoff related to shoreline development and/or agriculture in the Bay’s upper watershed.

These excess nutrients are causing a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen, and in particular have led to aquatic invasive species growth in the bay adjacent to Kring Point State Park. To protect these source waters, New York State awarded a $225,360 WQIP grant to TILT to support the acquisition.

The acquisition includes more than 150 acres of wetlands, and 5,000 feet of frontage along Crooked Creek in the town of Alexandria.

Acquired properties are:

  • The 319-acre Broudy property on Goose Bay in the Town of Alexandria borders Kring Point State Park. With its extensive coastal wetlands (about 100 acres) and nearly two miles of undeveloped road frontage, this tract provides unparalleled source water protection value, habitat, and scenic values in the Goose Bay region.
  • Adjoining the Broudy property on Goose Bay is the approximately 27-acre Weisberg property. The Weisberg property boasts a rolling, mature forested habitat adjacent to the north Goose Bay wetland complex. The forests are interspersed with undulating rock outcrops and vernal pools with coastal wetlands on its western boundary. The property also features substantial undeveloped road frontage along Route 12.
  • The Wilton parcel is approximately 182 acres and features 50 acres of New York State DEC Class 1 wetland (about 36 acres from the National Wetland Inventory), with 5,000 feet of frontage along Crooked Creek in the Town of Alexandria. The property features mature white pine and oak forests bordered by early-successional shrubland, in addition to a manmade wetland/pond installed by the S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners Program. The Wilton property falls between TILT’s Crooked Creek Preserve and TILT’s Butterfield Marsh Preserve.

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