Santa swings by Dexter & Brownville before his big day

Santa swings by Dexter & Brownville before his big day

DEXTER, N.Y. (WWNY) - Sirens echoed through the streets of Dexter and Brownville on Sunday afternoon. It was all part of a motorcade escorting the jolly old man himself: Santa Claus.

In years past, the Dexter Volunteer Fire Dept. has hosted the “June Hackett Children’s Christmas party.” This year, the firefighters brought some holiday cheer to them.

“Obviously with the pandemic, we were unable to this year, so we wanted to find an alternative way for Santa to still get out there to see the kids, and the kids to still see Santa,” said Drew Heise, Deputy Fire Chief for the Town of Brownville and President of the Dexter Volunteer Fire Department, Incorporated.

The parade began at the Dexter Fire Hall and made it’s way to Brownville. All while families lined the streets to get a glimpse of the man in red.

“It was very nice to see Santa go by with all the fire trucks, and the sirens, and Cohen got to say ‘hi’,” said Brittney Fields McIntosh.

Some could hardly contain their excitement.

“‘Excited for Santa Claus?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Right?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Weren’t you excited? We were all running through the house getting- trying to dress up as soon as fast, quick right?” said Barbara Bastardo and Daniel Bautista.

Heise also said that they’re taking COVID-19 protocols seriously with Santa. There’s only one other person allowed on the same truck as Santa, and that’s his driver. And the reason they’re doing that is because they need to make sure Santa is healthy and COVID-free for his big day this week.

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