Stefanik supports increase in stimulus payment

Stefanik supports increase in stimulus payment
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) - North country congresswoman Elise Stefanik supports “additional direct support for individuals and families,” as President Trump demands $2,000 aid checks to Americans.

Late Tuesday, the president upended a compromise agreement congress passed Monday night which provided $900 billion in COVID relief, including $600 in direct, one time payments to many Americans, less than the $1,200 many people got in the first round of stimulus payments last spring.

Trump called for a much higher, $2,000 payment and suggested he might veto the compromise bill.

Stefanik’s spokeswoman said by email Wednesday afternoon that “the Congresswoman would be supportive of an increase in the amount on the stimulus checks.”

“While Nancy Pelosi tries to play partisan games and after months of walking away from negotiations, Congresswoman Stefanik voted to pass the COVID-19 stimulus providing critical relief to families, small businesses, schools, hospitals, farms and more,” Stefanik’s spokeswoman said.

“She supports additional direct support for individuals and families. In addition to the COVID relief bill, Congresswoman Stefanik voted to fund the government according to President Trump’s budget request.”

The problem now facing Republicans is what to do next - many Republicans are opposed to spending another vast sum on COVID relief, but they are reluctant to oppose President Trump, who remains a popular figure in the Republican party.

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