Lowville family describes their Christmas in quarantine

Lowville family describes their Christmas in quarantine

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - In the north country, about 2,000 people are under some sort of quarantine or mandatory isolation because of COVID-19.

They can’t work, some can’t pay bills, and on top of that, Christmas rolls around.

Here’s how the Moore family spent their Christmas in quarantine.

It was three nights before Christmas when Joanna Moore found out.

“In the later evening hours my husband, who is 59, and my son, who is 20, both tested positive for COVID,” said Moore.

Moore’s home in Lowville then went from Christmas to quarantine.

Her husband, Randy, and son, Dale, went into isolation upstairs after testing positive, and have been there ever since. Moore says they only come downstairs to eat in the kitchen or in the dining room after Joanna and her 6-year-old grandson Liam close themselves in a bedroom.

“It’s been hard because Papa is Liam’s best friend, other than Nana. He doesn’t get to see his daddy. He doesn’t get to interact and play with them,” Moore said.

Christmas for Liam was opening presents with his grandma.

No siblings, no mom, no dad.

Joanna: “Were you sad?”

Liam: “Yeah.”

Liam’s dad has asthma. He’s 20 years old, and he had to be admitted to the hospital because of COVID complications.

“My son 3 months ago said this was a hoax, this was a scam. He totally feels different now after he had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital,” Moore said.

Fighting COVID-19 at home is one thing, but Moore says paying the bills has been the biggest battle of all.

“It’s devastating, because I’m an essential worker and a provider for the family and that meant I can’t work,” Moore said.

After Moore spoke with 7 News, what she had feared became a reality. She was told Liam has COVID-19, and she can’t return to work until everyone in her house tests negative.

The family has been receiving donations, and Moore says every little bit has helped. They, like many others, are just waiting for the day they don’t have to worry about money, masks, and COVID-19.

A community member started a fundraiser for the family on Facebook.

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