Water main break floods basements in Watertown

Water main break

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Watertown family was forced from their home early Wednesday morning because of a water main break.

David Finley’s basement was damaged from a water main break that happened on Watertown’s Morrison street.

Water rushed into his home, water levels he says nearly touched the ceiling. Finley was at work at the time, but his wife Kelly and their kids were home.

“The best word I can come up with, is it was a nightmare,” Kelly Finley said. “A lot of damage was done because of the water main break. And because of that, I was forced out of my home with my two kids.”

The fire department helped the family evacuate.

“I noticed my phone, my wife called me, tried to call me eight times,” David Finley said. “And I seen a text message: ‘call me as soon as possible.’”

When David Finley came home from work Wednesday afternoon, he found his entire driveway flooded and water was rushing into his basement from the side of the house.

The pipe burst around 3 a.m. and the water made its way into two homes on Binsse Street.

David Finley says the water destroyed the home’s power source.

“I might have to replace that whole thing,” he said. “I got to get it dried out and get someone in here to check it out.”

Finley says the house is without heat and power for the foreseeable future, but he will be staying there. Everyone else will live with a family member.

The Finleys now await a call from their insurance company to see what can be done to fix the mess left by the water.

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