Local family makes name for itself on TikTok

WWNY Local family makes name for itself on TikTok

THERESA, N.Y. (WWNY) - A north country family is grabbing millions of people’s attention one minute at a time.

Members of the Ada family are rising stars on the app, TikTok.

“It’s just fun. As long as it makes us laugh and we think it’s fun, we’re happy,” said Sarah Ada.

There are a lot of laughs shared by the family - all thanks to a few 60-second videos on the popular social media app, TikTok.

“When the pandemic hit, that’s really when I really started posting a lot. It was a nice creative outlet because I was attempting to teach from home and also be a parent. There were a lot of stressors,” said Sarah.

Sarah started with a few videos chronicling her day-to-day life as a teacher and some videos singing and playing the ukulele.

But now, it’s a family affair.

“During quarantine in the spring, I was just with my family, so that was what I was observing and what I was making videos about. Just parenting,” said Sarah.

It’s a few 60-second videos that are putting smiles on millions of people’s faces.

“Some things get 100 views, some things get 2.5 million views,” said Sarah.

Sarah has 92,000 followers and more than 3 million likes on the app.

But she doesn’t do it for that.

“The power of just putting something fun and positive out in the world has been very helpful for me just as an outlet to say this is something fun that I want to put out there and try to lighten the mood,” said Sarah.

Sarah says she’ll continue to lighten the mood, alongside her family, into the new year.

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