Snowmobilers are revving into the new year in Turin

Snowmobilers are revving into the new year in Turin

TURIN, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you blink you may miss the action.

That action being snowmobilers racing in the Base Track Powerseal 660 in the Town of Turin.

The event was hosted by the Snowmobile Hill Climbing Racing Association.

Racers from all over New York came out to hit high speeds like Mark Baker and his friends.

“I live two hours away, and me being in a wheelchair, disabled veteran, it makes it a lot easier to come here and race,” said participant Mark Baker.

The race is a 3 wide, meaning 3 snowmobilers race at a time down the 660 foot track.

In this event, the top two of each heat advance to the next round.

But, you’re probably thinking, how can you tell who advances when they are going that fast?

At the finish line, a race official uses the slow motion feature on his phone to see who the top two were.

One of the winners was Dylan Arquette, who has put about $40,000 into his snowmobile.

“We’ll come home tonight, we’ll unload it and it will go into the garage. We will start going through the computer system of it, checking it out, getting it ready for next week. With racing, it’s a 24/7 thing, especially with something of this magnitude, all the time in the world goes into it,” said Arquette.

Some snowmobilers are here to compete for plaques and bragging rights while others are here just to have a little bit of fun. But the overall consensus among all the racers, is they’re just happy to be here in the new year.

“Yes, it’s really cool that you get to be out and not have to be stuck inside. Everybody is just out here to have fun and I think it is really cool,” said participant Cory Come.

So, whether you are just starting out or you’re a veteran in the sport, there is a place in snowmobiling for everyone.

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