Business goes from carpet cleaning to COVID busting

Updated: Jan. 5, 2021 at 3:55 PM EST
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TOWN OF WADDINGTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - When a business or organization deals with coronavirus cases, you’re bound to hear about deep cleanings being done to safely reopen. We meet some COVID busters in St. Lawrence County who adapted their business to keep people safe and healthy.

A disinfectant called Bioesque is Robla FloodPro’s main weapon in fighting against COVID-19.

The business is known for carpet cleaning and restoration work, but changed course when the pandemic began.

“When they first shut down everything, our minds started rolling like we could really do something with this, we need to get on board and get all of the chemicals that we need,” said Ashley Robla, co-owner.

So, the Roblas started ordering all of the materials their crews would need to start doing COVID cleanings.

At first, business was slow, but as cases surged, so did their business

The Roblas say some weeks are busier than others, but their company has disinfected at least one building a week since March.

“And we drop everything to do it. You know, if we have some carpet cleaning, you know, we will have to reschedule or get it done after because it’s just the cleanup is a priority,” said Jonathan Robla, co-owner.

The Roblas say across St. Lawrence County they have been to called to clean about 50 different buildings, some more than once. They say it has helped their business stay afloat throughout the pandemic.

“Usually we are booked out a couple months in advance, you know, with carpet cleanings, but this summer that didn’t happen, but it made up for it in other areas and, you know, you do have to use your mind and you know how are you going to get through something like this,” said Jonathan.

The Roblas say this new-found business was something they were prepared for but didn’t expect at this volume.

But they say they will continue to help reopen businesses for as long as it’s needed.

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