Carthage Area Hospital disputes Cuomo’s numbers on administering vaccine

Carthage Area Hospital Vaccine Latest

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - We’re learning some north country hospitals got more COVID vaccine than they expected and more than they needed.

As it is stored and not used, that looks bad to Governor Cuomo.

In fact, Cuomo had Carthage Area Hospital listed as one of the worst performers in the state in terms of administering the vaccine.

But there’s more to the story.

We’ve learned that CAH received its vaccinations a week late and when they arrived, there were 100 more doses than what was expected.

“They were sitting on 600 doses and they had to restart their whole process to get people in the door and get them vaccinated. So it’s not like they were negligent in doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re just lagging and it wasn’t by their doing,” said Scott Gray, Jefferson County Board of Legislators chairman.

Gray says the hospital is on the right track. It’s administering more vaccines this week and he think they will avoid fines because of the circumstances.

After a clinic at the hospital Wednesday, officials expected a big chunk of vaccines to be gone.

“We are slated to vaccinate at least 100,” said Taylour Scanlin, Carthage Area Hospital marketing director.

On Wednesday, the governor said CAH had only administered 39 percent of its vaccines.

But, Scanlin says that number is not up to date.

“It’s a snapshot. It’s not a real-time figure. And since that time, it has changed. That figure is now incorrect,” she said.

Scanlin says the number should climb to around 50 percent after the clinic and points to a delayed shipment of 500 vaccines and an unexpected shipment of 100 more as reasons why they fell behind.

“That’s what ended up backing us up. So, we had to kind of catch up,” she said.

Scanlin’s mother, Linda Scanlin, is a licensed practice nurse who took the jab at Wednesday’s clinic.

“I’ve been in nursing for 40 years now and I see many patients and family members and I’ve seen what the COVID has done. So, certainly I want to protect anybody I can,” she said.

Taylour Scanlin expected the hospital to have around 250 vaccines left by the end of Wednesday and expects those will be gone by the end of the week.

“We were able to get everything resolved. So, I think that we’re going to be just fine,” she said.

There will be two COVID vaccination clinics at Carthage Area Hospital on Thursday and Friday. For those eligible, find information on how to sign up by calling 315-519-5211.

And a footnote: another hospital getting more vaccine that it anticipated was Lewis County Health System.

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