The Arc seeks help to ‘raise the roof’ in Lowville

WWNY The Arc seeks help to ‘raise the roof’ in Lowville

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Arc Oneida-Lewis chapter - which helps people with disabilities - is asking for the public’s help.

The Arc has launched a “raise the roof” campaign to raise money for a new roof for its Progress Industries Building on Forest Avenue in Lowville.

The current roof is beyond repair, Arc officials say, with many leaks. Right now, they deploy buckets to catch the water. It makes for very difficult working conditions, Arc officials say.

“We want to stay in this facility. we want to stay in the location. So to do that we need to really fix the building that we have and we want to start with the roof,” said Chad Hartwig, Executive Director of Business Enterprises.

The building employs 15 people, all with developmental disabilities.

One of those workers is William Morley, who has been at the facility for more than 20 years.

“Well, it means a lot to me,” Morley said Friday. “The people here treat me good and the supervisors are nice.”

The agency has already received a $25,000 grant from the CloudSplitter Foundation based out of Saranac Lake.

It’s a matching grant, which means the agency needs to raise the same amount of funds to be able to use it.

Heather Evans, an Arc official, helped to secure the money and says any community support would help.

“So if it’s five dollars that you can give, if it’s $500 you can give, we will take what you can give,” she said.

“We want everybody to have a touch point on this because it is a part of the community, it has been here for so long and it needs to remain here.”

Evans says the agency hopes to raise the cash and have the roof complete before next winter.

If you want to donate, find more information here.

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