Appointments for COVID shots fill up quickly

WWNY Appointments for COVID shots fill up quickly

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - New York state is a step closer to getting COVID-19 vaccines into the arms of those who need it most. On Monday, that list of eligible people got bigger. But, there are some complications along the way.

Lewis County Manager Ryan Piche says the COVID-19 vaccine has the potential to be the “weapon to end the war.”

On Monday, more people became eligible to receive it.

“We know those 75 and above are most at risk. We know people that are in schools every day with students coming in and out, those folks are at risk. Police who are going in and out of homes and in and out of vehicles with the public, those people are at risk,” said Piche.

But that’s not all. Others include firefighters, civilian personnel, corrections officers, and childcare providers.

Lewis County has already rolled out its vaccination distribution plan with three clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.

“We do currently have, at public health, 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine. That’s what we’ll be distributing,” said Piche.

The county is looking to vaccinate 480 people this week, and according to Piche, all of the time slots have been filled.

There will be three more clinics next week.

In Jefferson County, people have two options: set up an appointment on the Department of Health’s website; or register through Kinney Drugs, which will be vaccinating people 75 and older starting Thursday.

But with such high demand, Kinney Drugs’ website crashed on Monday afternoon.

President of Kinney Drugs, Becky Bubel, says the website is back up and running, but appointments are full.

“As we learn more about shipments and the quantities we’ll be receiving, we’ll be opening up that schedule for additional days as we go,” she said.

Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Scott Gray says he’s looking to add distribution sites, but it all depends on supply.

“We do expect other dispensing operations. But you can have all the dispensing operations you want, if you can’t supply them, we have to have the distribution to support those dispensing operations,” he said.

Gray says for that reason alone, don’t expect to get your shot any time soon.

“Because 1B is open, doesn’t mean you’ll be vaccinated today or next week. It could be weeks from now. It’s good that everyone’s anxious to get the vaccination. I would just encourage people to remain patient. This is a long process,” he said.

For more information on where and how to get vaccinated, you can visit these websites:

Lewis County

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